Lunch Package Video

Last updated: May 26th, 2017
Another week and time for another awesome scene. This time we have a lunch package scene as this old guy got to fuck the tender and juicy pussy of a sizzling hot teen that brought him a package to work. Seems that the old man forgot to take his lunch and his sexy and beautiful girlfriend didn’t want him to starve at work. So bringing him the package she also saw an awesome opportunity to have sex with him in his break , and that would make her trip worthwhile. We’re really proud to bring you these videos, as the hottie in this one made one great sex scene with the guy. She didn’t stop until she had him fuck her in every way she wanted.

So watch as the old je old man takes off his clothes at the sight of his nude lady. She knew he was in for some good times when she spread open her legs and asked him if he’s feeling in a enough playful mood to play around with her tight pussy. And he did. So watch them fuck all over the place in this gallery of videos and pictures today. Sure enough they both had a great time this afternoon, and it seems they intend to repeat the session soon. With that we end our description and we’re letting you uncover the rest for yourself.

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Oldje Videos – The Evaluation

In these  videos that we have for you today, we bring you yet another teen getting wild with an old guy. And this is a very special the evaluation as the older guy wanted to rent out a room in his house. And his first client seems to be one hot and sexy college teen. When he saw how good she looked the old man couldn’t help himself anymore and started hitting on her. And since the lady really wanted the room she responded to his advances on the spot. So it wasn’t long until the two were in bed the old man over her and fucking her tight pussy. Watch her getting her cunt fucked thoroughly and hard by the guy’s stiff cock in this update everyone. We’ll be back again next week with another update, so stay tuned. Until then enjoy this one to the fullest. Bye!


Gold Digger Scene

Today we have a gold digger scene. This old guy is sitting on a pretty nice set of funds at his age but he has nothing to spend it on really. So the guy got himself a very sexy and sizzling hot teen lady as a girlfriend. You could say that she’s in it only for the money but that could not be any more false. Sure the teen enjoys all the gifts and nice stuff she gets as a bonus for sleeping with him, but the real reason she’s hooked up with him is his sexual prowess.

He may not look like it but at his age this old dude still has what it takes to fuck this teen until she cums. So watch as they spend a relaxing afternoon having sex in today’s update. Watch her as she pulls down his pants to suck his hard cock and to lube it nicely, because this little slut pans to have her pussy please too today. That’s about it for this one guys. Like always stay tuned for the next updates and don’t forget to check out the rest of the updates too. Bye bye and enjoy!


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Old Je – Hot Sauna

Oh boy, do we have a treat for you guys today at old je as we came across one hot lady. This teen woman looks absolutely gorgeous and has shoulder long brown hair. And she used her sexy body to entice this old guy into fucking her. According to her there’s no guy that can resist the temptation to fuck her juicy pussy and seems that it is true. The guys said that he does have problems getting it up, but he sure as hell didn’t seem to have them any more when the teen lady presented him with her naked and hot body, getting him hard in an instant. And as a treat he’d get to fuck that pussy. It’s just how this lady does her thing.

So watch the whole sex scene at and watch her get her pussy fucked hard style by a very experienced cock. And experienced is the keyword here, as this woman goes out of her way to have sex with older guys every time. She said that none of the guys her age quite managed to fuck her as good as the older guys do. Well If she’s happy we’re happy and hey, we can bring you more pics that way. It was a real pleasure to shoot with her as she has an almost insatiable thirst for cock as you’ll see. She fucked the guy in every position she wanted. She loves getting fucked from behind, just like the chicks from the purecfnm blog, so enjoy and see you guys next time with more awesome stuff!


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I’ve Got The Powerrr Video Scene

Today’s update features a very sexy and hot teen blonde that’s working as a day maid getting frisky with her employer’s husband. She was hired to clean up the house in the absence of the misses, but this slutty lady made herself one nasty habbit. Well it’s not really her fault as the man of the house fancied her since she first made her appearance in their house. So from day one he hit on her and at first she didn’t respond, but after a while she got curious as to if the old man’s claims to still be good at sex are true. So from that day she regularly has sex with the old man. And today the went at it in the kitchen as the horny woman presented her pussy for some dicking. Watch her take a balls deep pussy pounding doggie style at in today’s awesome gallery!

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Oldje New Boyfriends Hardcore Foursome

In this week’s update we bring you the oldje new boyfriends of two hot and sexy teens that are very much into having sex with older guys. They caught the taste for old cock since they both tried it once and the extra experience in having sex sure made them change their minds from having boyfriends their age. And for this old je update today they were planning on treating them extra specially. They booked a hotel room for the four of them as they had some nice things in mind for their old guys tonight. They wanted to spend as much time as possible being fucked by the two older guys and they weren’t about to accept no for an answer.

So as soon as the guys arrived the two women took their clothes off right away and kissed them welcomingly and passionately. And they took off their pants to reveal those experienced cocks, and started sucking on them. After they got them nice and hard in these movies the ladies presented the two guys with their luscious bodies and eager pussies that were ready to take a pounding. Watch the old guys fuck those tight cunts to the delight of the two women today. The whole thing carried on well into the night, and amazingly the ladies were the ones that were tired after all of this but also very pleased. We hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for next week’s update guys. Until then you can enter the site and see some hot ebony amateurs getting fucked by multiple cocks!


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Oldje Spring Fever Movie Scene

In today’s oldje spring fever update we bring you another slutty teen that spent her afternoon with a old guy at a picnic. She had her eyes on his cock for quite a while, and also she was curious about his performances, as may women her age claimed to have slept with him, and he did a great job fucking them every time. So naturally she wanted to put that theory to the test. And taking him for a outdoors picnic was the perfect excuse to get him to fuck her teen pussy. She had everything planned and she was certain she wouldn’t fail to entice him to fuck her.

So midway through dinner she started asking him all kids of dirty questions to see if she can get his interest in her. Well it certainly worked as the old man knew what the slutty blonde had in mind. So he just took out his cock asking ehr if she’d like to sample it with her mouth. So the teen didn’t waste anytime getting straight to sucking him off. This certainly turned into some sort of a contest as the blonde wanted to show off her expert blow job skills, and the old guy wanted to show her that he still had it in him. So watch her suck his cock in these pics today.


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The Simple Life Movie Scene

In these videos that we have for you today, we bring you the farm life of a lady farm hand and her boss. And like you’re used to by now, you know that this will end with a nice and rough fucking. Well the old guy knows how to run his farm and has no qualms with doing anything that needs to be done to motivate his employees. One of them just happens to be a very pretty and luscious teen brunette that needs a special dosage of his “Motivation” every day. If you haven’t guessed it, well she needs her tight pussy filled by some serious cock before she can get any work done, and the old man is always happy to indulge in this beauty’s desires. So watch as they start their morning session of sex for the kick that the sexy woman needs. Watch as he fucks her doggie style in these fresh pics today. Also you might enter the nudeinpublic blog and see other hot chicks getting wet and wild in public places!


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Old Je – Tall and Mini

Hey guys, today old je returns with more hot teens fucking old cocks. Today we have a lady that’s fresh out of college and she’s applying for her first job. And her boss will test more than just her intellect in today’s oldje pics galleries. He told her that she’s suppose to do more than her regular secretary things, which implied sitting behind a desk and just taking calls all day. He has some special needs that need to be taken care of daily, so her job is to also cater to his needs. When she asked what that was he took his cock out and asked her what she’s waiting for. Smilingly the teen blonde knew what that special need was, so she started sucking his cock. Pretty and clever, it seems that this old guy lucked out with his new employee so check out this lucky grandpa fucking this hot babe!

Seems that for the test the old guy just needed one quick blowjob, but as this hottie herself got turned on, she wanted more. So after getting him nice and hard, she mounted his cock right there on the chair for some nice fuck times. Watch her fuck her boss the whole afternoon, as she’s sure to get her job after her simply exquisite performance. Anyways, like always we hope you enjoyed it and expect more oldje movies soon. Until then keep your eyes peeled for the next updates. So see you next time guys, enjoy and we hope you liked it. Bye bye!


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Oldje Really Grateful Teen

Today we have a really grateful little woman that wants to show her recognition for an old dude. Well by recognition you can pretty much guess she wanted to fuck him. She’s a masseuse too and the guy boasted that he has great stamina for sex at his age, but the little lady didn’t believe him. So when she finished her massage for him, he grabbed her and pulled her over himself, just because he simply loves sexy teens!  Well it was time for the old dude to put his money where his mouth was and prove his skills. You can pretty much bet that the teen hottie was surprised with his performance and she was utterly speechless.

So she wanted to show her gratitude to him by taking him for an encore. And oddly enough in this scene the old timer was all ready to go again in her tight teen pussy. Watch them as they spend the afternoon having passionate sex and watch as the teen orgasms in pleasure of being fucked so good. We’ll have more for you guys next time with another update. Until then however we‘re leaving this with you to enjoy. So stay tuned and see you guys next time. bye guys and enjoy!


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