Lunch Package Video

Last updated: May 26th, 2017
Another week and time for another awesome scene. This time we have a lunch package scene as this old guy got to fuck the tender and juicy pussy of a sizzling hot teen that brought him a package to work. Seems that the old man forgot to take his lunch and his sexy and beautiful girlfriend didn’t want him to starve at work. So bringing him the package she also saw an awesome opportunity to have sex with him in his break , and that would make her trip worthwhile. We’re really proud to bring you these videos, as the hottie in this one made one great sex scene with the guy. She didn’t stop until she had him fuck her in every way she wanted.

So watch as the old je old man takes off his clothes at the sight of his nude lady. She knew he was in for some good times when she spread open her legs and asked him if he’s feeling in a enough playful mood to play around with her tight pussy. And he did. So watch them fuck all over the place in this gallery of videos and pictures today. Sure enough they both had a great time this afternoon, and it seems they intend to repeat the session soon. With that we end our description and we’re letting you uncover the rest for yourself.

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